E.H. Smoler develops, manufactures and markets food supplements for animals, aimed to improve their health, lower the breeding costs and reduce environmental pollution. Our food additives are intended for improving the function and treating disorders in the digestive system of ruminants – cattle and sheep, and for chickens in the poultry industry.

Our products: feed additives to improve efficiency in feeding animals

Safechan 70™ – a preparation based on activated charcoal plus available carbohydrates. For the prevention and treatment of diarrhea cases in mammals and the disruption of feeding by toxins that enter the food in the feeding of monogastric animals and ruminants.

Shipurit™ – a supplement that improves digestion which is integrated into the food of ruminants. Designed to improve the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and amino acids from the stomach and intestines.

VITALUCK™ – Vitamins and minerals premixes for ruminant diets.