E. H. Smoler

Consulting, Research for Agricultural Science Ltd.

Forage and feed laboratory

R&D, production of food additives for livestock

Agricultural and environmental consultation services

E.H. Smoler Consulting and Research for Agricultural Science Ltd. was established in January 1999, and registered as a private company in Israel. The controlling shareholder is Dr. Eliezer Smoler, who is the company’s General Manager and heads its research and development activities. Our high quality standards are based on the laboratory, production and R&D experts that are the essence of the company.

The company’s offices are situated in the Yoav Business Center at Reem Junction, located between Ben Gurion Intl. Airport, Ashdod seaport and the main route freeway #6.

Our main activities are development and production of animal feed additives, forage and feed laboratory and consulting services.

We are representatives in Israel of ANKOM (USA), KEMIN (Belgium), and Dinamica Generale (Italy).

Livestock Feed Additives Production

E.H. Smoler Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets a line of innovative livestock food additives, specially designed to improve the health and condition of farm animals, and the cost efficiency of production. The products have been tested and used in various countries, and found to be valuable for improving quality and reducing costs.

Safechan 70™ – active carbon based feed additive with added available carbohydrates for treatment of digestive disorders in monogastric animals and ruminants.

Shipurit™ – feed additive for monogastric animals and ruminants. Improves digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and amino acids from the stomach and colon, and improves the cost efficiency of production.

VITALUCK™ – vitamin and minerals premixes for ruminant diets.

The Laboratory

The Forage and Feed laboratory was established in 1997, with the goal of providing forage evaluation services for the Agriculture and Animal Feed industries, and has grown since by providing extensive, quick and accurate analysis of feeds, forages, plant tissues, molds, mycotoxins and more.


Relying on our vast experience, we provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Agricultural sector – advising companies and breeders on the feeding process and diet composition, dealing with digestive disorders treatment and more.
  • Chemical and Food industry – advice in the fields of product development and production.
  • Environmental – providing recycling and pollution degradation solutions to handle the industry’s by products.
    Expertise in Paper, Wood and Food companies.

Dr. Eliezer Smoler

Dr. Eliezer Smoler, the founder and General Manager of the company, has been active in the field of agricultural sciences for over three decades. Eliezer Smoler’s academic background includes a B.Sc. degree (1984) and an M.Sc. degree (1989, with honors) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In 1996, Dr. Smoler received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Reading, UK. In his doctoral studies, Dr. Smoler focused on mathematical models developed to predict milk protein concentration from dietary components fed to dairy cows, and examined the nutritional mechanism by which dietary energy components, carbohydrates and proteins interact to alter milk protein concentration. The research involved experience of a wide range of laboratory equipment, as well as computers and modeling and animal-based research techniques.

Dr. Smoler’s post-doctoral research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Sciences (1996 – 1997), focused on increasing mammary protein synthesis through endocrine and nutritional signals.

Dr. Smoler was also awarded a certificate at the 27th International Eudragit Workshop held in Darmstadt Germany in 1998, focusing on the slow release of drugs and coating of complex polymers.

In addition to his studies in agricultural science, Dr. Smoler completed a course in Advanced Industrial Management at the Ruppin Institute, as well as additional management courses.

Since 1997, in addition to his roles as General Manager and R&D Manager of Chelbonit® Ltd. (formerly: Dr. Smoler Feed Additives and Technologies Ltd.), Dr. Smoler manages the Forage and Feed Laboratory. He has also participated in professional delegations to China (2000 – 2003), Ethiopia (2002) and Surinam (2004) as part of the CINADCO-MASHAV team, affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.