About the lab

The Forage and Feed laboratory was established in 1997, with the goal of providing forage evaluation services for the Agriculture and Animal Feed industries, and has grown since by providing extensive, quick and accurate analysis of feeds, forages, plant tissues, molds, mycotoxins and more.

The laboratory is equipped with advanced facilities, and provides extensive forage analyses according to market and academic research demands, using standard international methods.

The laboratory is also the representative in Israel of Ankom (USA) – a manufacturer of advanced lab equipment for food testing; Kemin (Belgium) – a manufacturer of feed additives, enzymes, preservative and mold inhibitors; and Dinamica Generale (Italy) – a manufacturer of weighing and optical solutions for precision agriculture.

A team of skilled laboratory assistants led by Marina Zeitzev (MSc.) is responsible for the professional operation of the laboratory.

Among the laboratory’s clients are some of the biggest feed producers in the Middle East, and various producers around the world.

The Main Analyses Provided by the Laboratory

Methods of analysis